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  • Cyber crooks hit Singapore's health database

    A major cyberattack on Singapore's government health database stole the personal information of about 1.5 million people, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the government said on Friday.

    Written by Reuters20 July 18 22:25
  • Hackers attack Iranian data centres

    Hackers have attacked networks in a number of countries including data centers in Iran where they left the image of a U.S. flag on screens along with a warning: "Don't mess with our elections", the Iranian IT ministry said on Saturday.

    Written by Reuters08 April 18 15:54
  • Expedia subsidiary Orbitz hit in cyber attack

    ​Orbitz, a subsidiary of online travel agency Expedia said on Tuesday that hackers may have accessed personal information from about 880,000 payment cards.

    Written by Reuters21 March 18 10:55
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  • Gaining the upper hand in today's cyber security battle

    Threat intelligence transforms the technical analysis required to identify the symptoms of a cyber attack - such as malware and security events - into an understanding of who the attackers are and what their motives and capabilities may be.