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  • Obama's Cybersecurity Mandate Hits First Milestone

    Government officials stress collaborative, voluntary approach as first wave of deliverables under the White House's executive order on cybersecurity comes due..

    Written by Kenneth Corbin13 June 13 00:23
  • Cyber Threat Protections vs. Personal Data Privacy

    The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), a modified information-sharing bill, passes the House Intelligence Committee by a wide margin, in order to help better protect American businesses from cyber looters. However, despite ammendments, privacy advocates still see the bill as a threat to personal data privacy protections.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin11 April 13 18:28
  • Iran Is a More Volatile Cyber Threat to U.S. than China or Russia

    Cyber threats from larger, more advanced nations that have diplomatic relations with the United States focus on cyber espionage and theft. But Iran is a more irrational actor and is building a cyber capability that is retaliatory in nature.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin21 March 13 16:06