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  • DARPA unveils hack-proof drone tech

    In a claim reminiscent of Oracle Corp.'s 'unbreakable' marketing campaign of several years ago, the U.S. military has built what it calls a hack proof drone.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan28 May 14 05:59
  • Tip of the Hat: Google's Project Ara unmasked

    Since disclosing last fall that an internal research team is developing an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones, Google has offered few details of the effort, dubbed Project Ara.

    Written by Mike Bucken27 Feb. 14 20:22
  • This smartphone will self-destruct in 5 seconds

    IBM is working on electronics for the US. military that will self-destruct on command to ensure that powerful devices holding critical data stay out of the hands of the enemy.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin07 Feb. 14 21:02
  • Robot Revue: DARPA Robotics Challenge in video

    Two days of robotic competition wrapped up today in Homestead, Fla. Here's a special music video featuring highlights from the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013.

    Written by Keith Shaw and Sharon Gaudin24 Dec. 13 13:29
  • Google seeks to commercialize humanoid robots

    Google executives showed up at the Homestead Miami Speedway in Florida to show support for their new team and to get a look at the Atlas robot, built by Boston Dynamics, and one of the stars of the challenge.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin20 Dec. 13 19:16
  • Tech pit crews prep for robot speedway showdown

    A team of engineers, students and professors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute spent hours last night working in a garage normally reserved for NASCAR pit crews, tweaking code and making sure their robot can climb a steep flight of stairs.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin20 Dec. 13 12:52
  • Companies explore self-detonating data as security control

    The popular Snapchat photo-messaging app used mainly by Android and iOS mobile device owners to share images that then self-destruct after 10 seconds is the sort of security idea that businesses say can help them secure online transactions with business partners.

    Written by Ellen Messmer02 May 13 18:33
  • NICTA to help protect the US' drone fleet

    Australia’s government-funded organisation NICTA will help protect the US from cyber attacks to its drones in an US$18 million project.

    Written by Stephanie McDonald16 Nov. 12 08:59