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  • How Top CIOs Tackle Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Security

    In an increasingly complex IT landscape, leading CIOs seek novel ways to use big data and cloud services to improve business processes. Keeping data secure remains a challenge, though, as does finding the right people to manage it all.

    Written by Brian Eastwood29 May 13 13:03
  • 4 steps to decoding data analytics

    Data analytics is often hailed as the best method to gain the intelligence – using fact-based conclusions and quantifiable insights – that is required to make better business decisions.

    Written by Michael Pain27 May 13 10:33
  • 5 reasons to move to big data (and 1 reason why it won't be easy)

    Companies of all sizes are beginning to reap the benefits of data analytics technology. If you're not up to speed yet, here are five ways that big data can benefit your business--and one precaution that may well thwart your big data plans.

    Written by Reda Chouffani21 May 13 12:58
  • Research points to importance of predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics methodologies and better use of broader data sets will help the insurance industry prepare for future market challenges, new analyst research claims.

    Written by CFO World Staff06 May 13 10:38
  • How Genomic Research Could Improve Healthcare

    The cost of mapping an individual genome is quickly dropping. The potential benefits for improving the care individual patients as well as entire populations are immense. So, too, are the obstacles to getting all stakeholders--healthcare providers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the patients themselves--to share what they've learned.

    Written by Brian Eastwood29 April 13 14:43
  • Five big ideas to profit from analytics and Big Data

    I believe making smart, fact-based decisions is absolutely essential to customer-centric leadership. I'm sure many of you reading this will say to yourselves, ‘We're already doing that’. Sorry, but you're probably not.

    Written by Bob Thompson12 April 13 09:05
  • Etsy gets crafty with big data

    Handmade marketplace Etsy has grown to 800,000 sellers and 40+ million monthly visitors. All that activity generates enormous quantities of data, which Etsy uses to drive site improvements.

    Written by Ann Bednarz25 Feb. 13 12:00
  • Big Data Leading to New Breed of Service Provider

    Big data is giving rise to a new breed of services aimed at helping over-burdened IT departments take on the challenges of data analytics without investing in additional infrastructure. And vendors of all sizes are getting in on the action.

    Written by Allen Bernard31 Oct. 12 14:24
  • Banks encumbered with IT legacy, compliance: Experts

    Australian banks need to upgrade IT infrastructure and data gathering skills if they want to compete with new players such as Google, according to financial IT consultants.

    Written by Hamish Barwick28 Nov. 11 12:29
  • Startup profile: Kaggle

    The future of data analytics could be driven by online communities rather than the work of analysts, if the success of Kaggle is anything to go by.

    Written by Lisa Banks30 Aug. 11 12:24
  • Key steps to better data analytics

    Organisations with effective data analytics can make stronger business decisions by learning what is working and what is not, what they are doing well, and where they need improvement, according to a new whitepaper by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

    Written by Mark Phillips22 Aug. 11 08:44