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  • How to Build a Storage and Backup Strategy for Your Small Business

    Today's businesses generate more data than ever before. Luckily, storage technology is correspondingly cheaper and more plentiful than ever before. This means your small business has work to do if you want to build an effective storage and backup strategy.

    Written by Paul Mah11 March 14 15:05
  • New disaster recovery pricing system bases charges on how much data is recovered, not backed up

    There's a dirty little secret in the disaster recovery
    industry, according to Dave Simpson, who tracks the storage market for the 451
    Research Group. Usually, customers require less recovery than industry vendors
    make them believe, he says. But vendors charge customers based on how much data
    they back up, when in reality it's rare for an organization to require a
    complete recovery of all its backed up data.

    Written by Brandon Butler10 July 13 16:20
  • Encryption as an enabler: the top 10 benefits

    If deployed correctly, encryption does not need to be a headache. Instead, encryption can be an enabler to achieve the flexibility, compliance and data privacy that is required in today's business environments.

    Written by Steve Pate, CTO and co-founder of HighCloud Security30 April 13 21:04
  • How to Recover Data on HHD, SSD and Flash-Based Memory

    Ever encounter a failed storage drive or delete an important file by mistake? Here's what you need to do. Step 1: Figure out if you can do it yourself or need to call in the professionals.

    Written by Paul Mah22 Jan. 13 14:27
  • In 2013, deduplication smartens up

    Deduplication, a fresh idea only a few years ago, has become a commodity, with organizations of all sizes deploying deduplication as just another feature in their data protection and backup solutions. This is progress. More data centers can eliminate the redundant data in their backup and storage systems to save money and increase efficiency. However, the job is not done. With deduplication in place, IT leaders can move on to adopting intelligent capabilities to ensure data is properly stored and protected. In 2013 data center managers will push for global deduplication that provides flexibility, scalability, performance and high availability of data.

    Written by Paul Kruschwitz, director of product management, FalconStor Software24 Dec. 12 16:45