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  • Don't gamble your company's reputation on data governance

    Over the last two decades, the primary contribution of information technologies in firms has been about efficiency and enablement: to improve processes, make people more productive, reduce time to market, or enable things that couldn't be done previously.

    Written by Vasant Dhar and Arun Sundararajan21 May 11 02:33
  • Two ways to build a better IT strategy

    Scenario: After driving great improvements in IT efficiency, a Fortune 500 company is now ready to treat data as a true corporate asset and grow beyond its tactical approach to technology planning. The CIO needs to develop strong data governance and data-management capabilities, and, most importantly, a long-term technology strategy. Yet she doesn't have the skilled staff for this kind of work. What's the best way to accomplish this part of the plan?

    Written by CIO Staff30 Sept. 10 07:26

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