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News about Data Retention Act
  • Telco Sector Security Reforms the new Data Retention Act?

    The Attorney-General’s Department has released new updates to the Telecommunications Sector Security Reforms draft bill. Internet Australia said it sees it going down the same path as the Data Retention Act by being passed without being adequately justified.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett30 Nov. 15 11:41
  • Grants to help ISPs cover data retention costs won't be paid upfront

    When it comes to covering the cost of implementing and complying with the Data Retention Act, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are likely to wait more than a year for full government funding, the Attorney General’s Department revealed in Senate Estimates last night.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett21 Oct. 15 13:01
  • Data retention laws come into effect but most ISPs not ready

    The Data Retention Act has come into effect today, but 84 per cent of ISPs are not prepared to start encrypting and storing their customers' metadata, according to a new survey from Communications Alliance.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett13 Oct. 15 10:44