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News about data scientists
  • Data boom creates demand for specialists

    In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, data science and analytics roles have emerged as pivotal as organisations use their data to gain a competitive edge.

    Written by Lilia Guan03 May 19 09:00
  • StartupAUS reveals five most in demand tech jobs

    Coders, data scientists, project managers, user experience (UX) designers and business development managers are the five most in demand jobs in the world right now.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien26 July 18 07:00
  • The slow evolution of predictive data analytics

    A lack of data scientists in the market and increased complexity around analytics are holding organisations back from getting the answers they need from their information.

    Written by David Bowie01 June 17 10:16
  • 4 biggest misconceptions about hiring data scientists

    You probably think you know what you need out of a data scientist. However, if you believe in any of these common misconceptions, it might be time to reevaluate your business' expectations for current and future data scientists.

    Written by Sarah K. White11 April 16 21:10
Features about data scientists
  • Who's Training the Next Generation of Data Scientists?

    A projected shortage of qualified data scientists could leave U.S. businesses unable to tap the value of big data. To help meet that demand, the University of California at Berkeley has developed a master's degree program to train new data scientists.

    Written by Sharon Florentine02 Oct. 13 13:19