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  • How to Use Big Data to Make Faster and Better Business Decisions

    Big Data is clearly a disruptive technology, but using it successfully is as much art as it is science. The key is integrating Big Data with traditional BI to create a data ecosystem that allows you to generate new insights while executing on what you already know.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud11 Jan. 13 14:21
  • Building a data center security architecture

    <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/topics/data-center.htm">Data center</a> architecture has been changing quite dramatically over the past few years. In many data centers, organic growth had left them broken up into <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/101308-boston-college-data-center.html">application silos</a>. The standard three-tier architecture was copied for each application leading to a fairly hierarchical network. In this architecture, some core security services, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention, were concentrated at the root of the network tree, closest to the ingress routers and around any  DMZs.

    Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulos11 June 09 03:13

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  • The Modern Data Platform: A Necessity in Today’s Rapidly- Changing Business Climate

    Business needs are changing rapidly. Digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and social media are creating a data-driven culture where the amount and variety of information being produced is growing exponentially. New customer demands and the current prevalence of digital disruptors are also contributing towards this trend. Against this background, traditional data warehouses are coming under fire. Many existing platforms are rigid and unable to combine diverse data types. In addition, they often fail to support ad-hoc reporting and can't answer forward-looking questions. As such, flexible, agile, and reliable data warehousing solutions are more necessary than ever. It is high time to adopt a modern data platform. This white paper examines the five key challenges inherent in a traditional data warehouse approach (inflexible structure, complex architecture, slow performance, outdated technology, lack of governance) and explains how a modern data platform, based on SAP HANA®, can help eliminate them.

  • Modernising Your Data Warehouse for Cutting-Edge Analytics

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimisation