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  • Teradata, Information Builders roll out BI appliance

    Teradata and Information Builders have developed a data warehousing package that bundles the latter's WebFOCUS BI (business intelligence) software with a Teradata analytic appliance, the companies announced Friday.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus30 April 11 04:27
  • Cloudera expands Hadoop ecosystem

    With the new release of its Hadoop distribution, Cloudera has radically expanded the set of supporting tools for the data processing framework.

    Written by Joab Jackson12 April 11 20:02
  • BMC supercharges IBM DB2 for mainframes

    Exploiting recent hardware enhancements that IBM added into its System z mainframe servers, enterprise software provider BMC has updated its line of performance tuning products to help customers get more from the latest version of the DB2 database.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 April 11 06:45
  • Microsoft researchers: NoSQL needs standardization

    The ever-growing number of non-relational, or NoSQL, databases needs standardization in order to thrive, two Microsoft researchers argue in the new issue of the Association for Computing Machinery's flagship publication, Communications.

    Written by Joab Jackson06 April 11 06:49
  • Savvier job scheduling with Platform, Terracotta updates

    Enterprise servers may get a lot busier, at least if their administrators adopt one of two freshly upgraded job schedulers, both of which promise greater control in the scheduling of workloads across many servers.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 March 11 04:46
  • Kaminario releases $50K DRAM storage appliance

    Kaminario today released a new, lower-end version of its K2 DRAM Storage Appliance, dropping the multi-million dollar price tag to $50,000 for an entry-level configuration.

    Written by Lucas Mearian29 March 11 06:28
  • Hadoop and Cassandra to merge in DataStax distro

    Uniting the seemingly conflicting values of fast data access and deep analysis, open-source software company DataStax is developing a package that will combine its Cassandra non-relational database with Apache Hadoop data process framework, the company announced Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson25 March 11 04:48
  • MySQL gets live schema updating with Tokutek engine

    Database tools provider Tokutek has updated its MySQL storage engine to support live updating of schemas, the company <a href="http://tokutek.com/2011/03/announcing-tokudb-v5-0-making-big-data-agile/blogs">announced</a> Wednesday.

    Written by Joab Jackson24 March 11 06:08
  • Internet databases MongoDB, Drizzle upgraded

    Two performance-minded databases created for supporting Internet services and cloud computing have been revised: MongoDB has been updated and Drizzle has reached its first production-ready release.

    Written by Joab Jackson18 March 11 05:51
  • Oracle goes after Microsoft SQL Server with MySQL

    Oracle is making a fresh run at Microsoft's SQL Server, claiming on Tuesday that its open-source MySQL database offers up to 90 per cent cost savings over SQL Server along with blazing performance on Windows.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus16 March 11 02:25
  • Ingres rolls out cloud database offerings

    Database vendor Ingres is targeting public and private clouds, announcing on Wednesday three managed services for application development, storage and analytics.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus10 March 11 04:37
  • RainStor releases next-gen big data repository

    RainStor today announced the next generation of its online data repository. The update adds data deduplication capabilities and improved optimization for storing computer-generated historical data.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 March 11 05:20
  • Teradata buys Aster Data, boosts 'big data' wares

    Teradata said Thursday it plans to buy data warehousing startup Aster Data Systems, continuing a run of consolidation in the market for technology that can process ever-growing amounts of "big data."

    Written by Chris Kanaracus04 March 11 00:53