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  • Oracle pushes into database-as-a-service

    Oracle has hyped its new 12c database as faster and more powerful than ones that have come before, and now it's highlighting the release's ability to easily serve up multiple databases of varying size and scope according to a particular user's needs.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus23 Sept. 13 20:04
  • PostgreSQL 9.3 communicates well with others

    For this year's annual update to PostgreSQL, the developers behind the open source database have added several new ways to communicate with other databases and data storage systems.

    Written by Joab Jackson09 Sept. 13 16:48
  • Apache Cassandra 2.0 brings the old school SQL functionality

    The Apache Cassandra NoSQL distributed data store continues to accumulate features that mimic traditional databases, with the newly released version 2 of the open source software offering triggers, lightweight transactions and an updated query language similar to SQL.

    Written by Joab Jackson04 Sept. 13 17:12
  • Larry Ellison to talk in-memory database, Oracle PaaS at OpenWorld

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison typically uses his annual OpenWorld conference keynotes to deliver the company's biggest announcements and strategic positioning, and this year they will apparently involve an in-memory database and Oracle's PaaS (platform as a service) offerings.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus27 Aug. 13 14:25
  • SAP takes fight to Salesforce.com, Oracle with social intelligence app

    Many companies have begun using specialized software to analyze what people are saying about their products and services on social media, and now SAP says it can help them match up individuals' social profiles with customer history data from CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Aug. 13 19:41
  • MySQL face-off: MySQL or MariaDB?

    You may have heard about the upstart MySQL database MariaDB, a branch of MySQL created in the wake of Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems. You'll find many great reasons to consider MariaDB, not least that MariaDB is led by the original author of MySQL, Monty Widenius. But there are reasons to stick with MySQL too.

    Written by Sean Hull13 Aug. 13 16:12
  • Oracle gives MySQL Workbench a new look

    Oracle has revamped the user interface for its MySQL Workbench administration software, streamlining a number of routine operations and adding some new time-saving features as well.

    Written by Joab Jackson12 Aug. 13 20:59
  • Oracle rolls out virtual appliances for its 12c database

    Oracle has moved quickly to provide virtualization support for its recently released 12c database, saying this week that a set of virtual machine templates for the product are now available.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus08 Aug. 13 14:34
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux gets cozy with MongoDB

    Easing the path for organizations to launch big data-styled services, Red Hat has coupled the 10gen MongoDB data store to its new identity management package for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution.

    Written by Joab Jackson30 July 13 14:06