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  • How to work with startups

    When I was a venture capital partner, it was fascinating to see how many startup founders were sitting in large enterprises and had great ideas, but were perhaps afraid to take them to management.

    Written by David Gee28 March 18 11:19
  • Why you should interview your next boss

    As a CIO we all have different experiences with our supervisor. Of course there are huge variances in who we report to – the CEO, COO, CFO, global CIO or regional CIO for example. In each instance (and I’ve had experiences with each example), there are pluses and minuses.

    Written by David Gee28 Nov. 17 14:43
  • ​Why you should embrace Shadow IT

    As a CIO, you will discover business-driven projects are already underway and you or your team haven’t been included in them. How do you react to this?

    Written by David Gee28 Nov. 16 11:00