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  • In 2013, deduplication smartens up

    Deduplication, a fresh idea only a few years ago, has become a commodity, with organizations of all sizes deploying deduplication as just another feature in their data protection and backup solutions. This is progress. More data centers can eliminate the redundant data in their backup and storage systems to save money and increase efficiency. However, the job is not done. With deduplication in place, IT leaders can move on to adopting intelligent capabilities to ensure data is properly stored and protected. In 2013 data center managers will push for global deduplication that provides flexibility, scalability, performance and high availability of data.

    Written by Paul Kruschwitz, director of product management, FalconStor Software24 Dec. 12 16:45
  • How to choose between scale-up vs. scale-out architectures for backup and recovery

    There is a lot of discussion in the storage industry in regard to "scale-up" versus "scale-out" architectures for backup and recovery operations. More and more organizations are reducing or eliminating the use of tape by deploying disk-based appliances that use deduplication. But the architectural approach used by the appliance vendor can make a significant difference to the performance, scalability and total cost of the selected solution.

    Written by Marc Crespi, vice president of product management, ExaGrid Systems04 Dec. 12 16:44
  • How we tested data deduplication

    A Windows 2008R2 server was attached to a Compellent Storage Center S30 SAN with two volumes, both created from snapshots of a production server volume several months apart. Netbackup 7.0 was installed on the server. 

    Written by Logan Harbaugh12 Sept. 11 14:44
  • RainStor releases next-gen big data repository

    RainStor today announced the next generation of its online data repository. The update adds data deduplication capabilities and improved optimization for storing computer-generated historical data.

    Written by Lucas Mearian09 March 11 05:20
  • EMC 'Boosts' Data Domain de-duplication speed by 50%

    BOSTON -- <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9138245/EMC_Update">EMC</a><a href="http://canada.emc.com/about/news/press/2010/20100511-01.htm">announced at its annual user conference</a> here on Tuesday a new software add-on that increases the performance of its Data Domain appliance by an average of 50%.

    Written by Lucas Mearian12 May 10 09:44
Features about deduplication
  • Sun tussles with de-duplication startup

    Sun Microsystems is suing startup GreenBytes for allegedly claiming that Sun stole its data de-duplication technology.

    Written by Stephen Lawson15 July 09 09:22

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