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  • Wi-Fi growth set to drive sales of new Ethernet speeds

    Steadily growing demand for faster enterprise wireless LANs in the next four years is expected to drive up sales of both Wi-Fi gear and a new type of Ethernet for connecting next-generation access points.

    Written by Stephen Lawson28 Jan. 15 12:49
  • Wall Street Beat: IBM, Apple riding high

    Passing the second anniversary of the Great Recession's market low this week, the technology sector remains a pillar for corporate revenue and investor confidence, as industry bellwethers like IBM and Apple make impressive share gains.

    Written by Marc Ferranti12 March 11 08:45
  • Mobile traffic helps push up optical demand

    Demand for high-speed links to cell sites and homes will rejuvenate sales of optical network equipment this year and help to create a US$16.6 billion worldwide market for it by 2014, according to research firm Dell'Oro Group.

    Written by Stephen Lawson08 Feb. 10 06:45
  • Sales growth highlights rise of China's Huawei

    Huawei Technologies, the fast-growing Chinese vendor of communications network gear, reached global contract sales of over $US30 billion last year, the company said Tuesday, marking a rise of nearly 30 percent from the year before.

    Written by Owen Fletcher05 Jan. 10 19:46