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  • SupportPay aims to make child support transparent

    In relationships, two areas that often cause friction are money and poor communication. So when a divorced couple needs to communicate with each other over child support payments, arguments can easily ensue.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Oct. 13 00:30
  • Nuroast wants a better cup of coffee

    A lot of people are particular about how they prepare their coffee, so it's a confident company that suggests to them they're doing it wrong. But Nuroast is sure there's a better way to get a great-tasting cup of coffee and demonstrated its prototype home roasting system at the Demo conference on Wednesday.

    Written by Martyn Williams17 Oct. 13 00:19
  • Skully fits heads-up display into motorcycle helmet

    Ask a hundred entrepreneurs where they draw inspiration and you'll probably get a hundred different answers, but few are likely to be as unusual as that of Marcus Weller. The CEO of Skully Helmets came up with his idea for a high-tech motorcycle helmet after smashing into a car on a street in Barcelona.

    Written by Martyn Williams16 Oct. 13 04:03
  • Social startups kick the tires: Great spin or retread?

    For social startups, creating buzz and building a big user base (not to mention finding revenue) isn't what it used to be. Many of the companies presenting at DEMO Fall 2011 in Silicon Valley face the prospect of being a retread.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige22 Sept. 11 00:05
  • Five new ways to build apps for iPhone, Android and Web browsers

    Five start-ups unveiled services for building mobile applications and Web services this week at DEMO Spring 2011, bringing application development capabilities to the masses - or, at least, to people who lack traditional programming and mobile development skills.

    Written by Jon Brodkin03 March 11 04:43