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  • Defence wants AI to be part of the team

    The Department of Defence is seeking to fund research into the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, with an eye to better integrating AI into decision making by military analysts and commanders.

    Written by Rohan Pearce11 Nov. 19 06:00
  • Australian Air Force explores augmented reality

    The Royal Australian Air Force is exploring the potential of augmented reality as the organisation undertakes the largest technological upgrade in its history.

    Written by George Nott16 Jan. 17 16:38
  • Technologies made for war

    Many of the world’s technology breakthroughs have been the result of our defence agencies looking to better improve national security. Australia’s key defence forces talk about what’s on the horizon.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett29 May 14 11:02
  • Defence drops distributed computing initiative

    The Department of Defence said on Thursday it won’t proceed with planned market testing of a Distributed Computing Bundle, which formed part of the agency’s massive ICT transformation program.

    Written by Byron Connolly09 Jan. 14 16:26