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  • AT&T launches wireless data and TV services on one bill

    Wireless video to smartphones and tablets took another step on Monday with AT&T's announcement of a single nationwide package of pay TV and wireless services on a single bill.

    Written by Matt Hamblen04 Aug. 15 01:52
  • AT&T backs off threat to halt its fiber rollout

    AT&T now says it will continue its already-announced fiber optic network expansion to 100 cities, backtracking on comments by AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson after President Obama voiced support for net neutrality last month.

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 Dec. 14 06:39
  • FCC seeks fiber-optic delay data from AT&T

    The Federal Communications Commission on Friday formally requested that AT&T provide all documents and data related to its planned fiber-optic cable buildouts nationwide.

    Written by Matt Hamblen18 Nov. 14 00:10
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