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  • Court to hear Telstra, NBN Co dispute next month

    Telstra and NBN Co are headed back to the NSW Supreme Court on December 13 after a directions hearing was held this morning presided over by Justice David Hammerschlag.

    Written by Adam Bender08 Nov. 13 10:35
  • Outsourcing: How to avoid contract disputes

    Outsourcing relationships are long and complex, and the contracts that establish them seemingly more so. Yet for all their verbosity, many outsourcing contracts are filled with generalities and open questions, which can present major problems when conflicts between outsourcer and customer inevitably arise.

    Written by Stephanie Overby24 June 11 08:46
  • HP fined for disrupted work, union claims

    HP has been fined for not meeting service level targets due to a two-day strike last week, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union claimed as it considered fresh strikes.

    Written by Anh Nguyen19 March 10 05:44