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  • DEF CON: Come hack the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things is talked about a lot and many people are unsure what it really is, but at DEF CON 23 this summer in Las Vegas, that should become a lot more clear as attendees compete to hack IoT devices.

    Written by Tim Greene13 July 15 23:24
  • Tip of the Hat: Data doomsday is coming

    As corporate stockpiles of data continue to grow, mostly unmanaged, to massive levels, it's increasingly likely that many major organizations will face a crisis very soon.

    Written by Mike Bucken07 March 14 20:49
  • iPhone 6 rumour rollup for the week

    Nine million new iPhone buyers can't be right. They should have waited until January or June or September 2014 for the big-screened iPhone 6.

    Written by John Cox21 Oct. 13 07:00
  • Chrome users oppose change to Google's new tab page

    Google yesterday started rolling out a redesigned new tab page for Chrome, making good on a promise from last month when it offered the revamp to users running rougher-edged versions of its browser.

    Written by Gregg Keizer25 Sept. 13 17:34
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