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  • U2 tours with all-flash array to rock latest video effects

    Irish rockers, U2, are continuing to innovate in their use of video on the current Innocence + Experience tour, and behind the scenes is some extremely high-performance, all-flash technology.

    Written by Elizabeth Heichler18 July 15 02:03
  • The rise of SSDs over hard drives, debunked

    In spite of a recent report to the contrary, solid-state drives (SSDs) will not surpass hard disk drives (HDDs) in either price or capacity any time soon, according to industry analysts.

    Written by Lucas Mearian24 June 15 04:21
  • The Takeaway: SSD prices continue to fall for OEMs

    Average prices for 128GB solid-state drives (SSDs) hit something of a milestone in the second quarter of the year, falling to $50 for PC makers. And 256GB SSDs are now below the $100 mark.

    Written by staff04 June 15 04:23
  • Bit by bit, Intel looks to quadruple SSD storage

    With all the photos, videos, apps and tunes you have, the storage on your smartphone may not be enough. With that in mind, Intel is researching new ways to up the storage capacity in mobile devices and PCs without hurting the size or price of devices.

    Written by Agam Shah31 March 15 02:50
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  • Delorean hard drive is perfect for time machine

    Attention all Back To The Future fans: If you're in the market for a new hard drive, then the folks over at Flash Rods have something just for you. Flash Rods latest, known as the Delorean Time Machine Hard Drive, contains a 500GB Seagate drive within the chassis of the much-loved Delorean from the Back To The Future trilogy.

    Written by Chris Brandrick30 Nov. 10 12:16