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  • EFF blasts proposed DRM features in HTML5

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued an angry formal response to a proposed set of HTML5 standards from the World Wide Web Consortium, saying that stringent digital rights management technology will be harmful to online freedom and prevent many users from getting access to important content.

    Written by Jon Gold31 May 13 20:59
  • 6 ways to make Ultraviolet DRM suck less

    Face it, consumer loath digital rights management restrictions on content. Here are six ways the latest Hollywood DRM scheme, Ultraviolet, can suck less.

    Written by Jared Newman21 July 10 07:07
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  • Why you need DRM for your documents

    From protecting merger discussions to everyday document management, enterprise DRM is a mature, mainstream enterprise technology. So why aren’t more companies using it?

    Written by Mary Branscombe03 May 16 21:01
  • Can digital rights management and the open Web coexist?

    The Netflix-backed Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) proposal, and recent revelations that requirements for DRM in HTML5 are confidential, have generated furor among advocates of the Open Web. Let's cut through the hyperbole.

    Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel28 May 14 22:54
  • It's the Information, Stupid

    Over the past several years there have been changes in the business environment, causing fundamental alterations in how security organizations operate to protect the enterprises for which they have responsibility.

    Written by Jason Stradley04 June 09 03:23