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  • Microsoft throws away $315 million on failed Nook deal

    Microsoft took a big loss on its 2012 investment in Barnes & Noble, getting less than half of its original upfront $300 million back when the two firms parted ways today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer05 Dec. 14 23:44
  • Five reasons Amazon e-books are outselling hardcovers

    Are you still holding out to see what happens with this whole ebooks "fad" before deciding whether to embrace it for your business? Well, the times they are a changin' and there are a variety of reasons that ebooks are outpacing printed books.

    Written by Tony Bradley21 July 10 02:59
  • Hype Watch: The Kindle and other e-readers

    The Amazon Kindle and other e-readers have potential as a business device. But they need more capabilities to catch on in the enterprise.

    Written by John Brandon24 Sept. 09 06:50
  • The future of publishing?

    Social networks, e-readers and other technologies are transforming the publishing industry and heralding a new era of reading and learning.

    Written by CIO Staff24 Sept. 09 06:50
  • Asus 'Eee Reader' to join e-reader fray, says report

    Computer maker Asus may be getting ready to launch an e-reader that would mimic the traditional book, be in full color and come loaded with a variety of innovative features.

    Written by Ian Paul08 Sept. 09 05:21