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  • ​What the feds can learn from NSW about e-voting

    Ian Brightwell, the former NSW Electoral Commission CIO, discusses his experience with e-voting during the 2015 state election and what can be changed at a federal level.

    Written by Byron Connolly12 July 16 11:02
  • E-voting under review as federal election results loom

    ​With the results of the Federal Election still undetermined, debate rages about whether the use of electronic voting by way of computer stations at polling booths, online voting or voting via a mobile phone could have quickened the outcome.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien05 July 16 12:25
  • Internet voting not ready yet, but can be made more secure

    A push to allow Internet voting in elections is growing stronger along with advances in the underlying technology, but systems are not yet secure enough to use with relative certainty that the vote counts will be accurate, according to a new report.

    Written by Grant Gross11 July 15 01:25
  • McAfee, think tank push online voting, but recognize security risks

    The U.S. and other nations should look toward Internet voting to make it easier for disabled and elderly people to cast ballots, and to increase participation among young people, but online security remains a huge hurdle, according to a new paper for the Atlantic Council and McAfee.

    Written by Grant Gross09 Oct. 14 06:00
Features about e-voting
  • 10 IT agenda items for the first US CIO

    Obama's appointment of Vivek Kundra marks an important first step for rectifying the nation's concerns about IT.

    Written by Paul Venezia10 March 09 08:38
  • Are design issues to blame for e-vote 'flipping'?

    Are some touch-screen voting machines really "flipping" votes from one candidate to another, or are the voters who claim their votes are being changed just wrong?

    Written by Todd R. Weiss03 Nov. 08 10:02
  • Open source: How e-voting should be done

    "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -- Joseph Stalin

    Written by Paul Venezia28 Oct. 08 09:43
  • Eight ways technology has shaped the US elections

    Technology has played a particularly prominent role in the 2008 US elections -- and it isn't just the typical silliness over whether a candidate really claimed to have invented a key piece of technology. Throughout the year we've seen technological advances used both for good, such as using Short Message Service to announce a vice presidential pick, and for bad, such as hacking into another vice presidential pick's private e-mail account. In this story, we'll take a look at the eight techiest moments of the 2008 presidential race, including YouTube debates, viral videos and e-voting controversies.

    Written by Brad Reed16 Oct. 08 08:16