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  • Meet the fastest supercomputers in the world

    It's that time again – 2013's second and last Top500 report is out, detailing and ranking the most powerful supercomputers on the planet. Here's our walkthrough of just the top 10, which features a lot of long-standing heavyweights, along with a new face.

    Written by Jon Gold18 Nov. 13 16:12
  • Q&A: Clement Lefebvre: The man behind Linux Mint

    Linux Mint, an Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux distribution, has seen tremendous growth in community support and installed base in recent years. Since arriving on the scene in 2006 with its first release called "Ada," Mint has become the most popular FOSS operating system on, surpassing both Ubuntu and Debian themselves.

    Written by Christopher von Eitzen21 Oct. 13 10:26
  • Citrix aims for VMware, Amazon with new Cloud strategy

    Citrix has updated its cloud computing strategy, saying that its platform – which is based off the Apache CloudStack project - can span both private on-premises deployments and public Clouds and is the only one in the market that takes an application-centric approach to architecting Clouds.

    Written by Brandon Butler24 Sept. 13 20:14
  • AT&T, Microsoft team to link business customers to Azure cloud

    AT&T is putting the finishing touches on a service that connects its corporate customers' VPNs to Microsoft Azure services, eliminating the need to find separate links between business sites and Microsoft's cloud.

    Written by Tim Greene18 Sept. 13 22:25
  • How Microsoft's Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are better suited for businesses

    When Microsoft launches the next generation of Surface tablets in two weeks, they'll be better suited to use in enterprises than the initial offerings, making them both more mobile with longer battery life and better suited for office work with a docking station add-on that gives them Ethernet connectivity.

    Written by Tim Greene10 Sept. 13 16:11
  • NASA team fixes lunar orbiter glitch

    NASA engineers have fixed a problem with the new lunar orbiter and the spacecraft is continuing its month-long journey to the moon.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin09 Sept. 13 11:26