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  • Click Me Maybe: Inside eHarmony's matchmaking machine

    ​When a user signs up to eHarmony they fill out a lengthy questionnaire about the type of person they are, their likes and dislikes, beliefs, values and preferences in potential partners.

    Written by George Nott21 March 18 15:08
  • Business Intelligence Meets Mobility at eHarmony

    Mobility is hardly new in enterprise circles. Businesses are busily building mobile apps for in-house use and for customers, while the task of managing employees' mobile devices absorbs many companies' CIOs.

    Written by John Moore12 Nov. 14 02:03
  • Online Daters Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

    Online dating is common and popular today, but does it really lead to the Happily Ever Afters promised by companies such as eHarmony and Unfortunately for romantics scouring the Internet in search of spouses, it frequently does not, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

    Written by Bill Snyder30 Sept. 14 00:05
  • How eHarmony uses data science for matchmaking

    There have been 11,000 marriages as a result of people meeting on eHarmony Australia since its launch in 2007. So how does the company help to bring couples together?

    Written by Hamish Barwick18 Sept. 14 16:05