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  • Why the EHR Market Is Poised for Disruption

    Simply put, 2014 is a big year for electronic health record vendors. They must adhere to stricter standards under the federal government's meaningful use program while convincing healthcare providers that they can meet future needs for information exchange, patient engagement and data analytics. Not everyone will make the cut.

    Written by Brian Eastwood10 Feb. 14 15:48
  • Can the Feds Make Health IT Systems Talk to Each Other?

    Government officials are reluctant to issue mandates on standards and interoperability for health IT devices and applications -- but advocates say that's exactly what healthcare needs to promote innovation and improve patient care.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin07 Feb. 14 16:59
  • 5 world problems too big for big data

    Despite advances in computing power, storage and analytics technology, some challenges are still too big for big data. Here's a look at five such problems -- and what it will take to solve them.

    Written by John Brandon01 Nov. 13 10:59
  • Health IT Advocates Press for Interoperability

    Healthcare workers from around the country converge on Capitol Hill seeking greater pressure to align EHR industry around common standards so providers and healthcare systems can seamlessly share records.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin23 Sept. 13 21:47
  • Health Information Exchange Critical But Suffers From Complications

    Efforts to expedite the adoption of health information exchange in the United States face a bevy of technology, management and financial questions. There are no easy answers, since HIE organizations are as different as the regions, the populations and the healthcare providers they represent. But there are some lessons to be learned.

    Written by Brian Eastwood01 April 13 13:25
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  • Meaningful Use, 3D Imaging Drive Health Data Storage Demand

    Healthcare providers are under siege by massive amounts of data. This is forcing the industry to upgrade its aging storage infrastructures, architectures and systems. Where that data is being stored may come as a surprise.

    Written by Allen Bernard22 May 13 12:47
  • 6 Big Data Analytics Use Cases for Healthcare IT

    Making use of the petabytes of patient data that healthcare organizations possess requires extracting it from legacy systems, normalizing it and then building applications that can make sense of it. That's a tall order, but the facilities that pull it off can learn a lot.

    Written by Brian Eastwood23 April 13 13:20
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  • Healthcare providers lament lack of EHR standards

    More than six years after a bill aimed at spurring the development and adoption of electronic health records (EHR) became law, many observers complain that the technology has failed to live up to its promise.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin24 June 15 00:00
  • Mobile, Modular EHR Help eClinicalWorks Put Patients First

    Healthcare is rapidly moving toward a patient-centric care model, says Girish Kumar Navani, CEO of electronic health record software vendor eClinicalWorks. To meet this demand, EHR systems ought to be mobile, modular and easy to use, he tells CIO.com. Patients, meanwhile, need an experience that reminds them of online banking.

    Written by Brian Eastwood20 May 13 14:45