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News about Embarcadero
  • Embarcadero moves RAD Studio beyond Windows

    Software development is moving beyond the desktop computer. With this in mind, Embarcadero has strengthened its flagship Windows RAD Studio IDE (integrated development environment) to better help build mobile apps and software for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    Written by Joab Jackson08 April 15 07:04
  • Want that app 'to go'? RAD Studio dev tool now supports Android, iOS

    Embracing the growing market for mobile applications, Embarcadero Technologies has updated its flagship RAD Studio so developers can use the IDE (integrated development environment) to write C++ or Delphi programs for both Android and iOS devices.

    Written by Joab Jackson11 Sept. 13 17:08
  • Delphi, C++ to goose desktop apps

    In an attempt to enliven staid business applications, development tools vendor Embarcadero has updated its RAD Studio IDE (integrated developer environment) for Delphi and C++ applications, the company announced Friday.

    Written by Joab Jackson03 Sept. 11 07:06
  • Database administrators prepare to move to the cloud

    Cloud computing is set to transform the use of databases within enterprises. According to a Database Trends Survey, more than a third of database professionals think that cloud computing is to have the most transformational effect on database technology. 34 of respondents to the survey plumped for cloud as the technology that would have most effect on their lives, ahead of the 27 per cent who chose virtualisation.

    Written by Maxwell Cooter15 Dec. 10 01:11
Features about Embarcadero
  • Windows Developers Struggling With Mobile Apps

    Windows developers are receiving an ever-greater number of requests for mobile apps. However, they are struggling to meet that mobile demand with current tools and skills, while also meeting expectations to support and enhance of existing desktop applications.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud17 Sept. 13 21:01