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  • Google killing PageSpeed website service

    Google has alerted users of its <a href="https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/">PageSpeed Service</a> for making websites zippier that it will be killing off the tools as of Aug. 3.

    Written by Bob Brown08 May 15 04:25
  • U.S. utilities face up to $48B revenue loss from solar, efficiency

    Energy utilities face losing between $18 billion and $48 billion a year in the U.S and up to €61 billion a year in Europe by 2025 as solar power and energy conservation initiatives grow, <a href="http://www.accenture.com/microsite/digitally-enabled-grid/Documents/pdf/exec-summary-DEGII-8-pager-Dec-2014-Final.pdf">according to Accenture</a>.

    Written by Lucas Mearian10 Dec. 14 08:47
  • Google Offers 5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Digital Workforce

    Google's recent "Work the Way You Live" whitepaper lays out the company's vision for workplace productivity and collaboration in the modern digital age. The company asks in the paper, "Why shouldn't work happen with the same speed and collaboration we enjoy in our private lives?" Today's consumers are constantly connected, checking their mobile phones 150 times per day on average and openly sharing everything on social media. They expect their employers to empower them with the same consumer-friendly technologies they use outside the office. Google believes five basic principles separate the businesses that successfully deliver on this opportunity and those that don't.

    Written by Matt Kapko04 Dec. 14 03:41
  • Future points to Healthcare IT as a Service

    IT leaders today frequently mention the importance of bringing social, mobile, analytics and Cloud technology - the so-called "SMAC stack" - into a single, integrated architecture.

    Written by Brian Eastwood24 Oct. 14 00:18