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  • CIOs encouraged to reduce ICT energy usage: report

    Australian CIOs are been urged to measure ICT energy usage and look at ways to reduce the IT power bill following the results of a sustainability survey.

    Written by CIO Australia staff03 Dec. 14 16:09
  • Cloud could slash greenhouse gas emissions

    The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) has released a study that found that enterprises switching from on-premise delivery to services from cloud vendors could result in a 95 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions for email handling, CRM and groupware applications.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett26 July 13 14:45
  • Fresh air cools Telstra, Optus mobile sites

    In one of the hottest summers on record, Telstra and Optus relied on fresh air cooling and high-efficiency air conditioners to keep their mobile networks going, officials from the companies said last week.

    Written by Adam Bender12 March 13 13:21
  • CO2 emission testing of ICT equipment may need a rethink

    The traditional method of measuring the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of ICT equipment for carbon reduction purposes may not necessarily be the best, according to researchers from University of Melbourne’s partner Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications, and Bell Labs.

    Written by Rebecca Merrett10 Jan. 13 16:14
Features about energy efficiency
  • Life after IBM is all green for ISS co-founder Tom Noonan

    It was 2006, and Tom Noonan had it all. Internet Security Systems (ISS), the company he co-founded and led as CEO, was pulling in $US400 million in annual revenue and on the verge of being acquired by IBM for a whopping $US1.3 billion.

    Written by Jon Brodkin29 April 10 00:49
  • Networks go green and save money

    Servers get most of the glory when it comes to energy management, but networking gear is about to catch up.

    Written by Robert L. Mitchell22 April 10 07:37
  • Beware Worthless Claims in Green Clothing

    Reducing power usage and cutting carbon emissions is probably the right thing to do for the future of the planet. But keep this is mind: Green is a powerful marketing term right now and cost-savings promises are part of the marketing pitch. Like all marketing promises, results vary. One example: The amount of money a typical consumer can save by using or powering down energy-efficient computers, printers and the like is often small--in the case of an up-to-date laptop, the energy savings add up to perhaps just $10 a year.

    Written by Bill Snyder13 April 10 06:45
  • Higher Ed, Lower Costs: Colleges Remake Data Centers

    Driven by more austere state budgets and shrinking endowments, universities and colleges are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their data centers. For technology vendors, that push could mean big business.

    Written by Robert Lemos18 Feb. 10 04:45
  • New at Disney: It's a Data Center World After All

    Visitors to Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando can walk around the world, stopping at pavilions that aim to give them a taste of other countries. Now, Disney and IBM hope to give visitors a unique look at the information technology that delivers the modern world's everyday necessities as well.

    Written by Robert Lemos08 Feb. 10 03:08

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