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  • Office for Windows 10 is not free for everyone

    Microsoft will license some of the touch-based Office for Windows 10 apps in the same way it now handles those for iOS and Android, the company said today.

    Written by Gregg Keizer07 Feb. 15 06:09
  • Microsoft kicks off preview of Office for Windows 10

    Microsoft has released previews of its touch-centric Excel, Word and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10, making good on the pledge two weeks ago to give customers an early look this month.

    Written by Gregg Keizer05 Feb. 15 08:03
  • Apple-IBM partnership off to 'impressive' start

    Apple and IBM last week kicked off their five-month-old partnership with an "impressive" 10-pack of focused mobile business apps catering to sectors ranging from financial to law enforcement.

    Written by Gregg Keizer16 Dec. 14 07:04
  • Asset managers crave location data

    Each of the concrete and steel wharfs at the Port of Rotterdam, Europe's busiest shipping hub, hosts the loading and unloading of billions of dollars in goods over its useful life. Managing and maintaining these waterfront structures so that the world's largest cargo containers can dock at them means the difference between collecting revenue and watching ships sail elsewhere.

    Written by By Michael S. Goldberg29 Sept. 14 20:40
  • Kisters

    In 2012 and 2013, Belgium endured heavy rainfall as Europe's jet stream changed paths and brought flooding to central Europe. The Flemish Environment Agency needed a better way to inform citizens and water management officials about forecasted flood conditions.

    Written by Stacy Collett08 Sept. 14 17:45
  • LA Clearinghouse

    Tracking cellphone activity plays a key role in helping law enforcement officials determine where suspects were before and after crimes were committed.

    Written by Julia King08 Sept. 14 17:45
  • Merck

    Variations in the manufacture of batches of pharmaceuticals can force drug companies to discard products, potentially incurring tens of millions of dollars in losses.

    Written by Julia King08 Sept. 14 17:45
  • Persistent Systems

    As head of digital marketing for the 2013 Indian movie Chennai Express, Shailja Gupta needed to work social media channels to optimize interest in the film. She teamed with Persistent Systems in Pune, India, to analyze social media content. "Just looking at numbers doesn't really help. How you use those numbers for your own strategy is what matters," she says.

    Written by Mary K. Pratt08 Sept. 14 17:45