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  • Blog: Forrester bucks wisdom on cloud computing

    A couple of weeks ago Forrester released a report on cloud computing, based upon a survey of small and large enterprises located in North America and Europe. I was particularly interested in its findings as it addressed the question of private (internal) cloud computing.

    Written by Bernard Golden30 June 09 01:54
  • Defining Private Clouds, Part Two

    Private clouds are a hot topic these days, but not everyone agrees on a definition or the potential benefits.

    Written by Bernard Golden22 May 09 01:06
  • Defining Private Clouds, Part One

    The topic of private clouds is heating up. A private cloud is, essentially, a cloud computing capability dedicated to one organization. The term "internal cloud" is often used for this kind of functionality, but as many people point out, the term "internal cloud" conflates functionality with location. T

    Written by Bernard Golden22 May 09 09:58