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  • CIOs look to AI to solve IT complexity: report

    Eighty per cent of Australian CIOs say AI will be critical to IT's ability to master increasing IT complexity, according to a global study of 800 CIOs.

    Written by Jennifer O'Brien26 Sept. 19 14:55
  • Cloud Traffic Poised to Quadruple by 2017, Challenge CIOs

    A recent report from Cisco Systems suggests that global cloud traffic will reach 5.3 zettabytes in 2017. That's more than four times the traffic seen in 2012. Analysts and vendors say this will have far-reaching implications for enterprise IT.

    Written by J.D. Sartain27 Nov. 13 13:33
  • To Beat IBM, Amazon Web Services Needs to Build the Next Xbox

    CIO.com columnist Rob Enderle isn't suggesting that Amazon get into gaming. Rather, AWS needs to approach IBM and the enterprise cloud the same way Microsoft successfully took on Sony. Otherwise, Amazon risks entering the annals of tech history alongside Lisa, Vaio and Zune.

    Written by Rob Enderle22 Nov. 13 13:40
  • What's Amazon's enterprise strategy for the cloud?

    Roaming the floor of Amazon Web Services' first user conference last week, it didn't look like a traditional tech show. Many of the 6,000 attendees were with startups or midsize businesses looking to learn more about AWS services or the public cloud.

    Written by Brandon Butler04 Dec. 12 19:14
  • Cloud not suited to ANZ Bank: Weatherston

    The ANZ Banking Group will not be introducing Cloud computing until the industry evolves and consistency of data placed in the Cloud can be assured, according to chief information officer, Anne Weatherston.

    Written by Hamish Barwick07 Oct. 11 10:30
  • ANZ enterprises using browser-based file sharing apps: report

    Australia and New Zealand are the only nations where browser-based file sharing applications used in the enterprise are more business centric than entertainment focused when it comes to bandwidth, a new report has claimed.

    Written by Lisa Banks16 Nov. 10 10:14
  • How private cloud shakes up traditional IT roles

    Rather than a traditional datacenter, the private cloud uses highly virtualized pools of compute, storage and network capabilities to optimize IT performance and utilization while providing the business with services that improve efficiency and agility. This offers organizations a way to circumvent the increasing complexity, inflexibility and cost of IT environments to be more competitive in the market place through greater efficiency, control, choice, quality of service and, most importantly, business agility. We need to spend more of our budgets on building new value and assets rather than spending precious dollars on, "keeping the lights on." Introducing the cloud!

    Written by Sanjay Mirchandani21 Oct. 10 05:39
  • Cloud backlash: you can't call the whole thing off

    I am privileged to co-chair the SDForum Cloud Services SIG. This SIG, which Tibco graciously hosts in its Silicon Valley facility (directly across the street from VMware's HQ, I might add), is fortunate with its location-it attracts a fascinating range of speakers from innovative startups to large established technology powerhouses, all presenting on their cloud computing products, services, and plans. So I was a bit taken aback at the last meeting, when, during the pre-presentation networking, one attendee told me "I'm starting an anti-cloud company."

    Written by Bernard Golden09 Sept. 09 00:44
  • First Australian CloudCamp held in Sydney

    Australia's first ever CloudCamp, an 'unconference' aimed at exploring the possibilities of cloud technologies and exchanging ideas, was recently held in Sydney. The format - a series of open discussions by end users, IT professionals and vendors - was developed by Dave Nielsen and is based loosely on the Open Spaces Technology concept and Tim O'Reilly's friends of O'Reilly (FOO) Camp events.

    Written by Georgina Swan02 Sept. 09 11:46