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  • 6 Social Media Management Tools Ready for the Enterprise

    Social media is playing a growing role in corporate marketing campaigns. These six tools will help you launch, track and analyze campaigns across a variety of social media services -- including some you might not expect.

    Written by John Brandon23 Sept. 13 13:35
  • Is your social network built enterprise tough?

    You don't have to look further than the uprisings across the Arab world to recognize the power of social tools, and this transformative power applies to business as well. But for an enterprise social network (ESN) to be genuinely useful, it needs to go beyond the "Facebook for enterprise" model.

    Written by Sriram Chakravarthy, VP, products and engineering, social computing, TIBCO07 May 13 20:32
  • VMware Adds Project Management, Secure IM to Socialcast Platform

    The virtualization giant adds project management and secure messaging capabilities to its enterprise social networking and collaboration platform in an effort to break down information silos and centralize workflow.

    Written by Thor Olavsrud18 April 13 17:12
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  • With WebRTC, Real-Time Communications Come to the Browser

    The WebRTC standard aims to make peer-to-peer communication over the Web as easy as picking up a phone. Here's what developers need to know about WebRTC, including how to set it up and what limitations the protocol currently faces.

    Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel05 June 13 12:49
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  • How Consumerization of IT Led Kaplan to Google Apps

    At Kaplan, a genuine enthusiasm for technology comes from the top: Its CIO embraces the consumerization of IT and wants employees to be as excited about technology as he is. That culture led Kaplan to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps and, mostly recently, to Google+.

    Written by Kristin Burnham17 Jan. 13 15:29
  • 5 keys to enterprise social networking success

    Enterprise social networking helps employees collaborate in a comfortable way. To have a real impact, though, you'll need a robust platform - one that integrates with your corporate directory, takes governance seriously and meets three additional important criteria.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell28 Nov. 12 17:20