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  • Giving Enterprise Software a Social Makeover Attracts Users

    When it comes to developing enterprise applications, organizations are increasingly realizing that user experience is as important as functionality. In response, vendors are taking a more agile approach to building those apps in order to better meet users' needs.

    Written by John Moore16 April 13 14:25
  • Enterprise software: Why usability matters

    The world is more interconnected and intelligent than ever and most companies operate in a global market place. Best practices and operational excellence from a single innovative company, instantly affect the market for another company on the other side of the globe. As business gets more complex, the IT applications and systems that support it need to do the exact opposite -- become simpler and easier to use.

    Written by Rob Stummer15 Nov. 11 11:10
  • HP to unveil dashboard tool

    Hewlett-Packard is set to unveil OpenView Dashboard, which is expected to include the ability to quickly create views of complex systems to monitor the health of business services.

    Written by Matt Hamblen06 Dec. 05 09:00
  • HP looks to promote OpenView apps

    Hewlett-Packard on Monday will formally announce it is joining the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Integration program, which, when coupled with the company's Java support, is intended to promote multiplatform development of OpenView management applications.

    Written by Paul Krill09 Dec. 02 08:14
Features about enterprise software
  • Introducing the scaled agile framework

    "Size clearly matters. You probably couldn't run an XP (Extreme Programming) Project with a hundred programmers. Nor 50. Nor 20, probably. Ten is definitely doable ..." – Kent Beck, "Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change," 1st Edition, [Publication date: 2000]

    Written by Matthew Heusser17 June 15 23:26
  • Oracle and SAP Are Big: Too Big for Their Own Good?

    The battle and competition in the enterprise software market between SAP and Oracle has fast become one of the hottest rivalries in high-tech. And while it might not have the pop-culture pizzazz of Red Sox-Yankees or Coke-Pepsi, the passion of the thousands of the combatants involved makes it no less fervent or important a battle.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum18 Jan. 10 07:00
  • Could the recession be good for enterprise software?

    The recession has companies worldwide scrambling to rein in technology costs with desperate vendors responding in turn, offering deep license discounts, providing low-cost financing and proclaiming ever more shrilly that their products in fact save customers money.

    Written by Chris Kanaracus20 Feb. 09 09:12

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  • TechnologyOne Uses NetApp to Optimize Cloud Services

    TechnologyOne is Australia’s largest enterprise software company. The company had two world-class data centres in Brisbane but after a three-day outage caused by the 2011 floods, it moved away from having its own data centres, opting instead to buy Infrastructure-as-a-Service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). After four years of developing innovative cloud services, TechnologyOne saw that cloud storage was becoming a critical issue for its customers. So it called in NetApp to help it find the most cost-efficient, scalable and agile data management solution.

  • The all flash data centre

  • Cloud is not bureau: welcome to choice