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  • Characteristics of emotional intelligence

    Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, developed a framework of five elements that define emotional intelligence.

    Written by Darren Horrigan24 June 11 09:31
Features about EQ
  • The leadership formula: IQ + EQ +SQ - EGO - Part 3

    Yvette Vignando has been working for 11 years as an executive coach specialising in emotional intelligence. She describes EI as her soapbox issue. Vignando says people often arrive to executive management after many years in a technical or semi-technical role, but rarely with any management or leadership training.

    Written by Darren Horrigan04 July 11 10:14
  • The leadership formula: IQ + EQ +SQ - EGO

    Imagine your four-year-old self in a room with an adult who offers you a marshmallow. As you reach for the sweet, she says if you wait while she runs an errand, you can have two when she returns. She departs, and leaves behind the marshmallow. Do you weaken, or hold out for double the treat? Psychologists would have us believe that the children who sit tight are showing early signs of high achievement in later life. They say the ability to delay gratification is a master skill; a triumph of reason over impulse. Some claim such self-control is one of the five elements of superior emotional intelligence, a main ingredient of leadership.

    Written by Darren Horrigan23 June 11 12:34