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  • Google, Facebook could be slugged by 3 per cent tax in EU

    ​Large companies with significant digital revenues in the European Union such as Google and Facebook could face a 3 percent tax on their turnover under a draft proposal by the European Commission seen by Reuters.

    Written by Reuters16 March 18 10:28
  • EU privacy watchdog weighs in on data protection reform, shares concerns

    As European Union lawmakers in the Commission, Parliament and Council debate a new data protection law, the EU's data protection watchdog has chimed in, expressing some concerns and saying individuals' privacy rights should be at the core of the legislation.

    Written by Loek Essers29 July 15 02:10
  • Qualcomm hit with two EU antitrust probes

    Qualcomm is under investigation by the European Union's antitrust authority, which suspects the company of abusing its dominant position in the market for 3G and 4G chipsets used in smartphones and tablets.

    Written by Loek Essers16 July 15 19:58
  • EU Parliament takes strong stance against geoblocking

    A large majority of the European Parliament took a strong stance against geoblocking of online content in a report calling on the European Commission to reform E.U. copyright laws.

    Written by Loek Essers10 July 15 23:28
Features about european commission
  • With EU challenging Google, this time 'stakes are high'

    With the European Commission leveling antitrust charges against Google, the company should be bracing itself for a big and potentially costly fight over its dominant search business.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin17 April 15 03:51
  • Antitrust deal leaves Google undamaged

    Google's agreement to end its three-year antitrust dispute with the European Union gives the company's search rivals a boost, but it's probably not enough to make a dent in Google's search engine dominance

    Written by Sharon Gaudin06 Feb. 14 21:20