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  • Hybrid Clouds are hot, SDNs and DevOps coming on strong

    Some 80 per cent of companies are building hybrid Clouds, according to a survey of 3000 architects and engineers conducted by F5 Networks. Many respondents are also considering building software-defined networks and implementing DevOps over the next two to five years.

    Written by Clint Boulton14 Jan. 16 21:27
  • Cisco, Microsoft & other big enterprise IT firms miss Best Places to Work cut

    It’s not that the biggest names in enterprise IT and networking aren’t good places to work, according to employees submitting reviews to jobs and career marketplace Glassdoor. It’s just that they aren’t “Amazing!” or “Great!” places to work, according to Glassdoor’s list of the 50 Best Places to Work in 2016.

    Written by Bob Brown09 Dec. 15 17:34
  • Google employees say it's the best big company to work for

    Google employees love their jobs more so than workers at any other big company in the United States, according to the <a href="http://www.glassdoor.com/Best-Places-to-Work-LST_KQ0,19.htm">2014 Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards rankings.</a>

    Written by Bob Brown11 Dec. 14 01:23
  • The POODLE flaw returns, this time hitting TLS security protocol

    Webmasters who patched their sites against a serious SSL flaw discovered in October will have to check them again. Researchers have discovered that the vulnerability also affects implementations of the newer TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.

    Written by Lucian Constantin09 Dec. 14 09:42
  • F5 CTO: We're working hard on the transition to software

    F5 Networks is a veteran player in the network management market, having sold its load balancing hardware - or application delivery controllers, as it prefers to call them - to large numbers of data center customers.

    Written by Jon Gold07 Aug. 14 01:33
Features about F5 Networks
  • 3 reasons to be wary of the Internet of Things

    IT and security experts discuss why companies and consumers alike should be careful about deploying ‘smart’ appliances and devices that connect to the Internet and offer steps to protect against security and privacy threats.

    Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff12 March 15 09:16
  • Tech Titans Talk: The IDG Enterprise Interview Series

    In the IDG Enterprise Interview Series, you'll hear from technology CIOs and CEOs on today's burgeoning trends, ongoing headaches and upcoming product plans. Check out this informative series from IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant and his team of editors.

    Written by CIO17 May 13 14:15