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  • Facebook hit by new iPhone spam attack

    Facebook users are being warned about a new spam scam that tries to tempt users into visiting a website with the promise of a free Apple iPhone.

    Written by John E Dunn06 Oct. 10 03:17
  • Top reason for Facebook unfriending: Too many useless posts

    The No. 1 reason why friends dump friends on Facebook is when they get fed up seeing too many useless posts, according to new research out of the University of Colorado Denver Business School.

    Written by Bob Brown06 Oct. 10 07:06
  • Facebook improves photo uploader, image quality

    Facebook is revamping its photo album functionality, letting members store images with a much higher resolution, simplifying the tagging process and improving the performance of the upload tool.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Oct. 10 01:32
  • How to keep your kids safe on Facebook

    Boasting 500 million users worldwide and still growing, Facebook is now ubiquitous. Because of its popularity, minors have jumped onto the social media bandwagon, too, and they use networking the same way adults do -- to share pictures, connect with friends, organize events, and play social games. And that can be a problem.

    Written by Leah Yamshon01 Oct. 10 23:36
  • Facebook clone for the enterprise created by Yammer

    Yammer, which launched two years ago as a Twitter clone for the enterprise, is now revamping itself with a new platform that looks almost exactly like Facebook.

    Written by Jon Brodkin29 Sept. 10 07:25
  • News quiz: The week in tech

    Got a Facebook phone? If so, either you've got a lot of company or none at all, depending on which Internet rumors you believed this week. In other news: Twitter got hacked, the RIAA and MPAA were attacked, HP and Oracle buried the hatchet, and Mark Zuckerberg just joined the big kids' table. Are you ready to dazzle us with your geeky brilliance? Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. Now let's get started.

    Written by Dan Tynan25 Sept. 10 00:48
  • 6 Facebook, Twitter mistakes that can get you fired

    Travis Megale is happily employed. A regular Facebook user, he knows how to use the site appropriately and what NOT to say or post. Unfortunately, many Facebook members do not. Job termination due to behavior on Facebook seems to increasingly be in the headlines. A recent survey from email security firm Proofpoint finds seven per cent of organizations have fired an employee because of activity on social media sites. Another 20 per cent said employees have been disciplined over social media activity. It's statistics like this that inspired Megale to launch his Facebook group "Fired because of Facebook."

    Written by Joan Goodchild28 Sept. 10 05:12
  • Facebook phone rumors persist but Zuckerberg denies device

    The so-called Facebook Phone is again a hot topic on the rumor mill, courtesy of a Bloomberg report, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continued to deny the speculation, saying there are no plans to build an iPhone competitor.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu24 Sept. 10 00:00
  • Facebook outage caused by database glitch

    Facebook went offline for the second time in two days yesterday. The Thursday outage -- which lasted more than two hours for some users -- is a tale of a database control gone awry and illustrates the need for effective testing and change control procedures.

    Written by Tony Bradley24 Sept. 10 23:38
  • Facebook CEO unveils foundation, $100M donation

    Following a day of frenzied reports about an upcoming $100 million donation to a struggling school system, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Friday the creation of a new foundation called Startup: Education.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin25 Sept. 10 03:13
  • Facebook apologizes for worst outage in four years

    Many Facebook users were unable to access the social networking site for up to two and a half hours on Thursday, the worst outage the website has had in over four years, Facebook said in a posting.

    Written by Dan Nystedt24 Sept. 10 12:04