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  • Facebook and Twitter banned by Pa. college

    Harrisburg University provost Eric Darr wants to know if his students can live without Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging and other social networks for an entire week.

    Written by Jon Brodkin15 Sept. 10 06:24
  • Gang uses Facebook to rob houses

    Leaving the house this weekend? Telling all your Facebook buds about it? You might want to reconsider that.

    Written by John P. Mello Jr.11 Sept. 10 10:33
  • New Yahoo site targets issues in November US elections

    Yahoo's news division has launched a new social-networking site that focuses on policy debates driving November's midterm elections in the U.S., with the site giving users a chance to debate and vote on issues.

    Written by Grant Gross11 Sept. 10 06:46
  • Online privacy bills would hurt e-commerce, trade group says

    Proposals in the U.S. Congress that would create new rules for websites collecting personal data would cripple the online advertising and publishing industries, e-commerce trade group NetChoice said Thursday.

    Written by Grant Gross10 Sept. 10 05:13
  • Facebook, Twitter imposters may be outlaws in Calif.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature on a bill passed by state legislators last month would make it illegal to impersonate someone on Facebook or Twitter there.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin10 Sept. 10 06:34
  • Smartphone users gobbling up game apps

    Americans are increasingly stuffing their smartphones with apps, with games leading the way and productivity apps in the middle of the pack.

    Written by Bob Brown10 Sept. 10 08:12
  • Spammers exploit second Facebook bug in a week

    Facebook today said it has fixed the bug that allowed a spamming worm to automatically post messages to users' walls earlier this week.

    Written by Gregg Keizer08 Sept. 10 06:16
  • HP buys 3Par, Apple rolls out new gear

    Hewlett-Packard swooped in with the better bid to overtake Dell and win 3Par, so now we can all sit back and wait for the next acquisition battle to roll around. Meanwhile, Apple debuted updated iPods and Apple TV to entertain us, among other IT news stories of the week.

    Written by Nancy Weil04 Sept. 10 04:55
  • Facebook glitch let spammer post to walls

    A clever spammer found a glitch in Facebook's photo upload system and used it to post thousands of unwanted Wall messages this week.

    Written by Robert McMillan04 Sept. 10 05:21
  • Nigerian advance-fee scammer gets 12 years

    A Nigerian man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for sending out fraudulent e-mails offering victims big bucks in exchange for moving cash to the United States.

    Written by Robert McMillan04 Sept. 10 04:12