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  • Facebook 'dislike' button scam spreads virally

    The latest viral scam making its way around Facebook is a lure that asks users if they want to install a "dislike" button, according to security firm Sophos.

    Written by Joan Goodchild17 Aug. 10 02:11
  • RIM needs to make the BlackBerry business-sexy

    Last week at an event in New York, Research In Motion introduced its latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Torch, along with the most recent update of the operating system, BlackBerry 6.

    Written by Michael Gartenberg17 Aug. 10 06:01
  • 5 tips to protect yourself on Facebook

    After news hit this week that Facebook developers are furiously trying to fix a bug that lets spammers harvest users' names and photos, the issue of online safety has reared its ugly head again.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin14 Aug. 10 03:58
  • Facebook fixes e-mail notification problem

    Facebook said Friday it has restored a feature that lets users receive e-mail notifications of new messages sent by their friends, according to a company spokeswoman.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk16 Aug. 10 04:03
  • Facebook improves photo album browsing

    Facebook has implemented some changes to enhance the experience of browsing through photos, one of the most popular activities on the social networking site, to which people have uploaded tens of billions of images.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez13 Aug. 10 02:04
  • Google's march toward social networking

    Google this week confirmed its acquisition of online entertainment company Slide. The purchase rehashed speculation that the search giant is interested in working its way into social media, possibly with a game-centered service called Google Me."

    Written by Paul Suarez09 Aug. 10 05:38
  • Facebook, Twitter killed Google Wave

    Was it a social network or a collaboration tool on steroids? Nobody could quite agree, and it’s one reason for the demise of Google Wave.

    Written by Georgina Swan06 Aug. 10 08:53
  • Social Media Aids the Election of Colombia's New President

    With 50 days remaining in the Colombian Presidential Election, candidate Juan Manuel Santos's one-time lead of 30 points in the polls had plummeted. Santos and his committee suddenly found themselves 12 points behind opponent Antanas Mockus. Santos and his staffers were scrambling to regain their lead.

    Written by Kristin Burnham06 Aug. 10 04:56
  • Facebook doubles the size of its first data center

    Facebook has decided to double the size of its planned data center in Oregon before the first part of the project is even built, the latest sign of the company's rapid growth.

    Written by James Niccolai04 Aug. 10 09:51