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  • 100M Facebook Profiles Now Available For Download

    One hundred million Facebook user profiles containing personal information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers, are now available as a 2.8GB torrent download.

    Written by Emily Price29 July 10 09:58
  • Fake femme fatale shows social network risks

    Hundreds of people in the information security, military and intelligence fields recently found themselves with egg on their faces after sharing personal information with a fictitious Navy cyberthreat analyst named "Robin Sage," whose profile on prominent social networking sites was created by a security researcher to illustrate the risks of social networking.

    Written by Jaikumar Vijayan22 July 10 20:09
  • For Facebook, the first half billion were easy

    Facebook may have secured its place at the top of the world's list of social networking sites with yesterday's announcement that it passed the 500-million user mark. But industry watchers think that signing up the next 500 million Facebook users may be a lot harder.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin23 July 10 07:14
  • Facebook user satisfaction 'abysmal'

    While Facebook is expected to announce this week that it's grabbed its 500 millionth user, a new study shows that not everyone is so happy with the social networking site.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin20 July 10 20:11
  • Companies not using social nets at risk, report says

    A majority of consumers want to interact with companies over social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but only 30 per cent of businesses are prepared for it, according to a survey.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin16 July 10 06:52
  • Google fixing bugs in Orkut social network

    Google's Orkut social networking site has been beset with bugs lately, leading the company to apologize for spotty service.

    Written by Paul Krill10 July 10 09:04
  • My Enterprise 2.0 Rollout: 4 Keys to Success

    Early this year, executives at Philips, a global healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle business, initiated talks on selecting and deploying an enterprise 2.0 suite for its 100,000 employees worldwide.

    Written by Kristin Burnham09 July 10 06:00
  • Facebook investigates e-mail notification issue

    Facebook is investigating an issue where some users do not receive an e-mail notification when someone sends them a message on the social networking site.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk08 July 10 01:23
  • Suspicious Facebook app attracts nearly 300,000 fans

    A suspicious application circulating on Facebook has attracted nearly 300,000 fans whose profiles could be used as launching pads for spam, according to a security analyst.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk07 July 10 05:19
  • Social networking ever more critical to job search success

    Jobvite, a maker of recruiting software, released the results of its third-annual social recruiting survey this morning, and the findings underscore the many reasons job seekers need to incorporate online social networking into their job searches.

    Written by Meridith Levinson01 July 10 00:17