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  • New Tool Helps You Find Employment Through Facebook

    "Facebook" and "job hunting" have rarely been synonymous. The social network, largely regarded as a place to connect with friends and family, has had difficulty bridging the gap to the professional world. Sure, there are a handful of business-focused Facebook apps, but mixing your career with your personal life on Facebook has long been frowned upon. Until now.

    Written by Kristin Burnham10 June 10 02:53
  • Microsoft brings Facebook into social search

    Microsoft is launching a new social search page that displays results from Facebook and Twitter, an executive announced on Wednesday at Search Marketing Expo in Seattle.

    Written by Nancy Gohring10 June 10 03:20
  • Yahoo and Facebook users can now share data

    Yahoo and Facebook users around the world can now link their accounts to view and share updates with friends on both Web sites, Yahoo announced Monday.

    Written by Dan Nystedt08 June 10 06:52
  • The Yahoo-Facebook Marriage: Social Networking Overload?

    Facebook's ongoing domination of the Web reached new heights when it paired with Yahoo to integrate updates, games, and more into the number two search engine. Now that Yahoo users can enjoy Facebook without leaving Yahoo sites (click on the screen cap to see a closeup of the new arrangement), Yahoo could experience a significant traffic surge. But is it enough for Yahoo to gain market share? And how much Facebook is too much?

    Written by Brennon Slattery08 June 10 00:44
  • Facebook hopes new privacy page can quell unrest

    In an attempt to quell increasing <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9177254/Facebook_CEO_says_mistakes_made_privacy_changes_coming">privacy concerns</a> among its users, Facebook this week launched a new page aimed at helping them better protect personal information posted on the social network.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin05 June 10 04:29
  • Facebook CTO: Don't forget Facebook is for sharing

    Attention to privacy on Facebook has been intense in recent months after the company made more profile information public by default, added options to its already-complicated privacy settings and introduced features to personalize external Web sites using people's profile information.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez05 June 10 06:27
  • Facebook dev move won't stop rogue apps, say researchers

    Security researchers today said Facebook's new requirement that developers link legitimate accounts to their software won't stop rogue applications from infecting its users with adware.

    Written by Gregg Keizer04 June 10 06:38
  • Facebook's Zuckerberg re-ignites privacy brouhaha

    The folks at Facebook just might be wishing today that CEO Mark Zuckerberg just hadn't ... well, said anything about privacy yesterday at the Wall Street Journal 's All Things Digital conference.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin04 June 10 06:17
  • It's quit Facebook day, are you leaving?

    Monday is Quit Facebook Day when a number of users around the globe plan to delete their Facebook profiles in protest over recent privacy issues on the world's largest social network.

    Written by Ian Paul01 June 10 01:26
  • Facebook earns praise for privacy changes

    Facebook's decision to offer end-users simpler options to configure privacy controls on the social-networking site has received an initial thumbs-up from industry experts and privacy watchdogs.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez27 May 10 08:53
  • Facebook Privacy Fixes: Your Guide to the Newest Changes

    After feeling intense heat from its users regarding recent changes to its privacy policy, Facebook introduced new settings today. The streamlined settings are intended to help users better understand and more easily manage the information that they share.

    Written by Kristin Burnham27 May 10 07:12