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  • Facebook and Google: Contrasts in privacy

    The headlines recently have been dominated with news of online privacy. Facebook has implemented changes that affect the privacy of status updates, and Google made headlines for its apparent disregard for privacy.

    Written by Tony Bradley15 Dec. 09 02:16
  • New Facebook privacy choices help business users

    Facebook's new privacy controls make it easy for users to present different information to business contacts and personal friends, but only if the user is willing to accept the added complexity involved in doing so. It's not difficult, but requires time and thought.

    Written by David Coursey15 Dec. 09 06:52
  • Bank's antifraud tactics stun security expert: How much do they know?

    Checking out of a Hilton hotel in London, security expert Roger Thompson was told his Visa card had been declined due to suspicions it was stolen, a situation that only got more disconcerting when he learned the bank that issued the card had more personal information on him and his family members than he ever imagined.

    Written by Ellen Messmer15 Dec. 09 08:31
  • Facebook privacy: Zuckerberg's profile unzipped

    How much personal information can you glean from Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg's profile? That depends on when you happened to be viewing it.

    Written by Jared Newman15 Dec. 09 08:32
  • Tech mergers and acquisitions to grow in 2010

    After a glacially slow start to 2009 in the mergers and acquisitions market, tech companies started buying again in the second half of the year and analysts expect the resurgence in takeover activity to continue in 2010.

    Written by Jon Brodkin14 Dec. 09 19:36
  • Facebook simplifies privacy options

    Following through on plans announced a few months ago, Facebook is rolling out changes on Wednesday to its privacy settings intended to make them simpler to adjust and understand by its 350 million end users.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez10 Dec. 09 05:08
  • Facebook forms board to improve safety

    Facebook is setting up a new advisory board to improve user safety on its social networking site, it said on Sunday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs08 Dec. 09 07:00
  • Yahoo to expand Facebook integration

    Users of Facebook and Yahoo will find more ways to link their actions on those sites next year, as Yahoo prepares what it calls a deep integration of Facebook with services like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo News.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez03 Dec. 09 07:09
  • Facebook kills regional networks in privacy revamp

    Facebook will soon make major changes to the social-networking site's privacy settings as it tries to make it easier for users to know what personal information and photographs they're sharing.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk03 Dec. 09 07:04
  • Facebook worm spreads with a lurid lure

    Some Facebook users have been infected with a worm after clicking on an image of a scantily clad woman, which then redirects the victims to a pornography site, according to security researchers.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk25 Nov. 09 08:24
  • Hundreds of Facebook groups 'hijacked'

    An anonymous group calling itself "Control Your Info" has taken over hundreds of Facebook groups to highlight what it claims is a major security weakness on the social networking site.

    Written by Eric Lai11 Nov. 09 07:26
  • Business use of Twitter, Facebook exploding

    The use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote businesses has exploded over the past six months, according to the results of a study that were released today.

    Written by Sharon Gaudin10 Nov. 09 07:36