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  • Big network names oppose Title II regulations, with major exceptions

    The FCC's net neutrality decision last month that imposed stricter regulations on Internet Service Providers, under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, has networking companies opposing each other even more fiercely than usual.

    Written by Jon Gold20 March 15 02:08
  • FCC a 'referee,' not a regulator, of the Internet, Wheeler says

    BARCELONA -- FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Tuesday defended the commission's recent vote in support of net neutrality, saying it isn't regulation as some critics contend it is, but instead sets up the Federal Communication Commission as a kind of referee.

    Written by Matt Hamblen04 March 15 06:23
  • Sen. Nelson questions use of StingRays for phone surveillance

    A U.S. Senator is questioning why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved of a controversial cell phone surveillance device that both federal and state law enforcement agencies are using to track suspects, often without court orders to do so.

    Written by Lucas Mearian26 Feb. 15 09:39
  • FAQ: The FCC's Net Neutrality vote, for the IT crowd

    The FCC on Thursday, Feb. 26 is set to vote on new broadband regulations that would require ISPs to practice Network Neutrality.  Here's the lowdown on this hot political and technical topic:

    Written by Jon Gold24 Feb. 15 09:05
  • Sprint and T-Mobile defend unlocking policies

    Sprint and T-Mobile separately defended their smartphone and tablet unlocking policies on Wednesday <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/article/2885532/researcher-faults-unlocking-policies-from-sprint-and-t-mobile.html">following criticism from independent researcher Sina Khanifar</a>.

    Written by Matt Hamblen19 Feb. 15 08:08
  • Researcher faults unlocking policies from Sprint and T-Mobile

    Sprint and T-Mobile don't fully comply with a series of voluntary smartphone and tablet unlocking policies, even though both companies were <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/article/2883389/u-s-carriers-meet-voluntary-deadline-for-unlocking-mobile-phones.html">praised last week by the Federal Communications Commission</a> (FCC) for doing so, according to an independent analysis performed by a former developer of unlocking software.

    Written by Matt Hamblen18 Feb. 15 12:16
  • U.S. carriers meet voluntary deadline for unlocking mobile phones

    Unlocking a mobile phone from a single U.S. carrier has caused consumers headaches in recent years, but seven major carriers on Wednesday met a voluntary, industry-created deadline to set conditions for unlocking to occur.

    Written by Matt Hamblen13 Feb. 15 08:28
  • Muni broadband providers clash over Title II net neutrality reforms

    Nothing comes easy in the net neutrality battle. Take how different municipal broadband providers disagree over FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to reclassify broadband providers as public utilities under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

    Written by Matt Hamblen13 Feb. 15 03:01
  • How not to get slammed by the FCC for Wi-Fi blocking

    Rick Hampton, the wireless communications manager for Boston-based <a href="http://www.partners.org/">Partners Healthcare</a>, has seen the dialogue among network professionals heating up in the wake of the FCC's sternly-worded enforcement warning about illegal Wi-Fi blocking and says it's no wonder the commission is fired up.

    Written by Bob Brown10 Feb. 15 22:21
  • Tech Ad Watch: CTIA makes dumb, poorly-staged video to protest Title II

    And here I thought we were done with issue ads for at least a few more months, before the insanity of the 2016 elections really takes off. Thanks to apparent coming of Net Neutrality/Title II regulations for the wireless industry, however, CTIA has come out with this half-hearted whimper of advocacy (<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2lTxLH_tsc">see video here</a> or below):

    Written by Jon Gold06 Feb. 15 09:13