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  • Now the FTC has its say on hotel Wi-Fi

    First the FCC slapped Marriott International with a $600K fine for Wi-Fi blocking and issued a follow-up enforcement warning to the masses. Now the FTC has issued a hotel Wi-Fi warning of its own.

    Written by Bob Brown05 Feb. 15 07:18
  • FCC still has ton of explaining to do on Wi-Fi blocking rules

    The FCC has been very clear that it didn't approve of a Marriott International hotel's blocking of convention center attendees' Wi-Fi hotspots: It <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2691674/wifi/marriott-must-pay-600000-for-blocking-personal-wifi-hotspots.html">fined the hospitality company $600,000 last fall</a> and <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/article/2876239/wi-fi/fcc-calls-blocking-of-personal-wi-fi-hotspots-disturbing-trend.html">issued a stern warning on Jan. 27</a> that such wireless network interference by others will not be tolerated either.

    Written by Bob Brown04 Feb. 15 05:05
  • Marriott CIO: FCC message on WiFi blocking loud and clear

    The FCC's sternly worded warning about illegal Wi-Fi blocking earlier this week got through to at least one organization: Marriott International's Global CIO issued a statement Friday that the hospitality outfit is withdrawing efforts to gain clarification from the commission on what methods <em>can</em> be used to protect corporate Wi-Fi networks.

    Written by Bob Brown01 Feb. 15 09:58
  • FCC banks nearly $45 billion in landmark AWS-3 spectrum auction

    The FCC announced today that Auction 97 spectrum auction has closed after roughly two and a half months, with winning bids totaling $44.9 billion for the 65MHz of mostly AWS-3 range. That figure is far and away the highest ever seen in a spectrum auction.

    Written by Jon Gold30 Jan. 15 07:08
  • FCC calls blocking of personal Wi-Fi hotspots "disturbing trend"

    The <a href="http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2015/db0127/DA-15-113A1.pdf">FCC on Tuesday warned</a> that it will no longer tolerate hotels, convention centers or others intentionally interfering with personal Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Written by Bob Brown28 Jan. 15 09:24
  • Microsoft touts $7-per-user monthly pricing for Windows subscription packages

    Ask any IT administrator about Microsoft's licensing setup and they'll hurl up a string of four-letter words that would incur an FCC fine if delivered on television. In a world where everyone wants to use everything -- especially Microsoft Office -- on tablets, phones, and oh yeah, computers, Microsoft's customary one-license-per-device model means death by a thousand cuts for most enterprises. 

    Written by Matt Weinberger23 Jan. 15 23:13
  • Big visions for 5G before the FCC

    Drones, robots, high-altitude balloons and low-altitude satellites are all envisioned to provide fifth-generation (5G) wireless connections as early as 2020, according to recent FCC filings from 55 companies, including Google, Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm.

    Written by Matt Hamblen22 Jan. 15 22:23
  • A fresh look at communications regulation

    The last time that Congress enacted major telecommunications regulation reform, in 1996, the state of technology was very different than it is today: Fewer than 15% of Americans had a mobile phone, under one-third of U.S. households were online, and virtually all of those that were online had only slow, dial-up connections. Amazon.com and eBay were small startups (both were launched in 1995), and Mark Zuckerberg was still living at home with his parents, preparing for his bar mitzvah.

    Written by By Richard Adler09 Dec. 14 20:09
  • AT&T backs off threat to halt its fiber rollout

    AT&amp;T now says it will continue its already-announced fiber optic network expansion to 100 cities, backtracking on comments by AT&amp;T CEO Randall Stephenson after President Obama voiced support for net neutrality last month.

    Written by Matt Hamblen02 Dec. 14 06:39
  • FCC seeks fiber-optic delay data from AT&T

    The Federal Communications Commission on Friday formally requested that AT&T provide all documents and data related to its planned fiber-optic cable buildouts nationwide.

    Written by Matt Hamblen18 Nov. 14 00:10
  • AT&T sees delays on fiber rollouts of 'two to three years'

    AT&amp;T CEO Randall Stephenson has stepped forward as the telecommunication industry's front man in opposition to President Obama's <a href="http://www.computerworld.com/article/2847260/who-wins-the-net-neutrality-debate-google-of-course.html">proposed net neutrality rules</a>.

    Written by Matt Hamblen15 Nov. 14 05:08