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  • CIO-CFO Collaboration Critical for Advancing Federal IT

    As the federal government look to cut IT costs, drive efficiencies and advance objectives, department CIOs and CFOs are urged to break down siloes within and among agencies. One idea: Eliminate multiple contracts for services that all government departments use.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin05 June 14 02:54
  • Is the Federal Government Ready to Embrace the Cloud?

    Bipartisan duo forms Cloud Computing Caucus to promote government IT transition, while leading private-sector firms convene an advisory group to help spread the gospel about the cloud.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin16 Jan. 14 19:52
  • CIOs Must Balance Cloud Security and Customer Service

    Cloud era brings government IT new challenge of keeping data secure while broadening user access. This will require federal CIOs to take a more granular approach to access and encryption.

    Written by Kenneth Corbin08 Jan. 14 17:27