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  • Queensland Brain Institute backs fibre channel to support brain research

    Scientists making medical breakthroughs at the Queensland Brain Institute – one of the largest neuroscience organisations in the world – rely heavily on tech infrastructure to access, store and manage large data sets from brain imaging and microscopy devices.

    Written by Byron Connolly08 Dec. 16 13:31
  • Google's plan for super-fast networks draws big response

    Local governments and residents have until tonight to nominate their communities for consideration in Google's plan to build "ultra-high-speed" fiber networks in some places in the U.S.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez27 March 10 06:22
  • Dell enters converged networking market

    Dell entered the Fibre Channel over Ethernet market last week with OEM deals from Brocade and QLogic and endorsed 10Gigabit Ethernet as a customer's technology of choice.

    Written by Deni Connor14 Dec. 09 23:41
  • New look Juniper opens up, readies for next decade

    Juniper Networks' wide-ranging announcements last week, billed as the most significant since its founding in 1996, included a sweeping array of software, silicon, systems and partnerships designed to take the company and its customers into the next decade of networking.

    Written by Jim Duffy02 Oct. 09 06:43