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  • Sophos fixes vulnerabilities in its Web security appliance

    Security vendor Sophos has released an update for the software used on its Web gateway security appliance in order to address three serious vulnerabilities in the product's Web-based user interface.

    Written by Lucian Constantin04 April 13 14:11
  • Barracuda Networks takes further steps to close backdoor access to its network gear

    Barracuda Networks released a new update on Monday to further mitigate a security issue that could have allowed attackers to gain unauthorized access to some of its network security appliances through backdoor accounts originally intended for remote support. The company apologized to customers for its design decisions that led to this situation and promised to look into additional ways to strengthen the remote support functionality.

    Written by Lucian Constantin06 Feb. 13 21:34
  • UPnP flaws expose tens of millions of networked devices to remote attacks, researchers say

    Tens of millions of network-enabled devices including routers, printers, media servers, IP cameras, smart TVs and more can be attacked over the Internet because of dangerous flaws in their implementation of the UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) protocol standard, security researchers from Rapid7 said Tuesday in a research paper.

    Written by Lucian Constantin29 Jan. 13 14:38
  • Browser-hijacking malware talks to attackers using SPF email validation protocol

    A new Trojan program that displays rogue advertisements during browsing sessions uses a DNS-based email validation protocol called the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) in order to receive instructions from attackers without being detected, according to security researchers from Symantec.

    Written by Lucian Constantin28 Jan. 13 16:17
  • 6Scan launches free website vulnerability and malware scanning service

    6Scan, a Web security startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, launched a new service on Tuesday that can scan websites for security issues, like vulnerabilities and malware infections, and allows their owners to automatically fix the identified problems.

    Written by Lucian Constantin15 Jan. 13 18:37
  • F5 sees more cyber attacks on application layer

    F5 is pushing hard into the security space as cyber attacks increasingly target the application layer, an F5 official said at the vendor’s Agility Forum on the Sunshine Coast.

    Written by Adam Bender30 Oct. 12 12:09
  • WatchGuard launches iOS-friendly security appliance

    WatchGuard's latest security appliance, the XTM 330, allows business travelers from small enterprises to use their iPads or iPhones to communicate securely with the office, the vendor said on Tuesday.

    Written by Mikael Ricknäs30 Nov. 11 03:42