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  • Fitbit Flex 2 review

    Fitbit's newest wearable is ideal for fashionistas and swimmers.

    Written by IDGNS News Staff12 Oct. 16 06:02
  • Wearables far more than 'strapping a smartphone to your wrist'

    Though some predictions around growth in the wearable tech market have been sobering, many fail to factor in the potential for wearables beyond fitness trackers and smartwatches. Fashion is now teaming up with tech to create smart fabrics and accessories in truly wearable designs that don't sacrifice functionality.

    Written by Bonnie Gardiner09 Sept. 15 10:49
  • 10 Tips for Using Fitness Gadgets to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    It's easy to gain weight during the holidays but tough to lose it. Over the years, that weight adds up. Here 10 fitness experts discuss how apps, wristbands, monitors and other technology can help you set and achieve fitness goals during the holiday season -- and far beyond.

    Written by James A. Martin12 Nov. 13 14:02

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