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  • How Adobe Is Moving on From Flash to Embrace HTML5

    Adobe Flash is still widely used, but it's seen as obsolete in the face of HTML5. In response, Adobe is taking several steps to adapt and contribute to a HTML5 future without browser plugins.

    Written by Chris Minnick and Ed Tittel01 May 14 01:37
  • EMC Bets Big on Flash Storage

    The vendor gets aggressive about enterprise flash arrays, but faces challenges in the data center

    Written by Stephen Lawson30 Sept. 13 13:39
  • Adobe explains ditching Flash for mobile

    Adobe Systems said Wednesday it is abandoning the Flash Player in future mobile browsers to focus on HTML5, a decision that immediately ignited concerns among mobile app developers, many of whom are working with Android apps.

    Written by Matt Hamblen10 Nov. 11 04:16
  • Adobe to fix Flash flaw that allows webcam spying

    Adobe is working on a fix for a Flash Player vulnerability that can be exploited via clickjacking techniques to turn on people's webcams or microphones without their knowledge.

    Written by Lucian Constantin21 Oct. 11 01:18
  • Getting the most out of flash storage

    This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.

    Written by Gary Orenstein, vice president of product and technical marketing, Fusion-io14 Sept. 11 07:30
  • HP or no HP: The PC lives

    Suggestions that the PC is dead are greatly exaggerated. Flexibility, innovation and users' storage needs will keep it around a good long while.

    Written by Ian Paul21 Aug. 11 06:41
  • Android apps, HTML5 heat up freelance job market

    The growth in freelance jobs for the Android mobile platform is outpacing the venerable iPhone and iPad, and HTML5 demand is snowballing at more than 30 per cent, according to skills marketplace Freelancer.com.

    Written by Rodney Gedda11 July 11 10:17
  • Deja vu all over again: Adobe reveals new Flash Zero day

    Do not adjust your Web browser. This may look like an identical post to the one from four weeks ago announcing a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash, but it's actually a new one.

    Written by Tony Bradley13 April 11 00:41
  • Creative Suite 5.5 proves Adobe can adapt and evolve

    Adobe is unleashing Creative Suite (CS) 5.5. The number after the decimal point indicates that this is an incremental update, but CS 5.5 includes a number of impressive improvements and tools that make it feel more like a major release. At the same time, CS 5.5 shows that Adobe has no intention of fading away any time soon.

    Written by Tony Bradley12 April 11 01:58
  • Adobe Fixes Zero-Day Flaw in Flash Player

    Adobe is releasing updates today to address a <a href="http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/222098/adobe_flash_hit_with_zeroday_exploit.html">critical zero-day flaw</a> in Flash Player--and the authplay.dll element used in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat--that was announced last week. Time to get patching.

    Written by Tony Bradley22 March 11 09:21
  • Flash to offer more control over cookies

    Most users are already aware of the risks presented by cookies, the small data files that browsers save on our computers to remember things like login details, or Website preferences.

    Written by Keir Thomas14 Jan. 11 06:44
  • Apple releases iAd producer, takes aim at Adobe Flash

    Apple's clash with Adobe over Flash is far from over. Apple released iAd Producer, a tool for online advertisers to create content for Apple's iAd platform, helping the company to establish HTML5 as a viable alternative to Adobe Flash technology on mobile devices.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu22 Dec. 10 01:41
  • Adobe issues update for Flash, warning for Reader

    Yesterday was sort of a busy day for Adobe security. Of course, that doesn't seem like such an uncommon occurrence these days. Adobe issued an update to address a security flaw in Flash, and followed up with a new security advisory about a vulnerability impacting Adobe Reader.

    Written by Tony Bradley06 Nov. 10 04:20
  • Dump Flash get two extra hours of MacBook Air battery life

    Ditching Adobe Flash on your Apple MacBook Air can extend your battery life by two hours, according to reports. Chris Foresman at Ars Technica discovered battery life in the new MacBook Airs is 33 per cent longer without the Flash plugin installed. According to his tests having Flash installed shaved two hours off the laptop's battery life.

    Written by Daniel Ionescu06 Nov. 10 02:05